Assignment One

My Angelic Qualities:

I am generous. Especially with coffee. I have a lot of patience except when it comes to trying to fix anything computer related. I am intelligent and kind-hearted, always willing wholeheartedly to help anyone in need.

My Human Qualities:

I am feminine in the sense of this books description. I am a profound influence in my boyfriends life. He always quotes me on facebook, (and claims it as his own).

My lacking qualities:

It’s only fair to try to admit my failings as this is a fascinating womanhood experiment. I am not feminine all the time, especially in the winter, as I tend to neglect shaving my legs for months at a time. And I’m not ashamed or embarrassed in the least. Sorry Helen.

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One Response to Assignment One

  1. I am disappointed that you did not follow through on your promise to work through the book and post on it.

    John Wilder

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