Assignment One

My Angelic Qualities:

I am generous. Especially with coffee. I have a lot of patience except when it comes to trying to fix anything computer related. I am intelligent and kind-hearted, always willing wholeheartedly to help anyone in need.

My Human Qualities:

I am feminine in the sense of this books description. I am a profound influence in my boyfriends life. He always quotes me on facebook, (and claims it as his own).

My lacking qualities:

It’s only fair to try to admit my failings as this is a fascinating womanhood experiment. I am not feminine all the time, especially in the winter, as I tend to neglect shaving my legs for months at a time. And I’m not ashamed or embarrassed in the least. Sorry Helen.

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The Ideal Woman, from a Man’s Point of View

According to the book, The Ideal Woman has two sides. Her Angelic qualities and her Human qualities. The Angelic Qualities are as follows: 1: She understands men. 2: She has deep inner happiness.  (Of course this inner happiness is expected to come from the knowledge that she is a pleasing wife) 3: She has a worthy character. 4: She is a domestic goddess.

In traditional 1950’s mentality these qualities emphasize a woman’s character which are described as pure, simple and generous. Sweet tempered, kindhearted, courteous, patient and compassionate.  Her domestic qualities which are described as ‘a lofty sense of duty to her husband,’ conclude the angelic qualities of the ideal woman.

The human qualities are: 1: Femininity. 2: She radiates happiness (Stepford Wives anyone?), 3:Fresh, radiant health. 4: Child-likeness.

To the writer of this book, femininity equates ‘playing her submissive role admirably.’ Radiance is described as always being cheerful even in the face of trying circumstance.

The first assignment is to write down the following:

A: The angelic qualities you have.

B: The angelic qualities you lack.

C: The human qualities you have.

D: The human qualities you lack.

Completion of this assignment to follow.

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An Old Idea in a Modern Time

I found a copy of Fascinating Womanhood written by Helen B. Andelin on my bookshelf yesterday. It was written in 1965 to help women become the ideal woman, know what men find fascinating in women, how to understand men, how to bring out the best in your husband, how to react when a man is thoughtless, unfair or negligent, how to arouse his deepest feelings of love and tenderness, how to gain true happiness in marriage and how to become the tender, loving, irresistably feminine woman you’ve always wanted to be.

As I looked through the book it became very clear that this was written in a time very different from today. In the sixties while the feminist movement was in its heights, there was another movement. An anti-feminist movement which told women how to please a man by putting him first before all other things in her life. This book is a guide to living in a secondary role, it is divided into two sections, The Angelic Qualities and The Human Qualities.

Throughout the book there are sixteen assignments for women to practice what they are learning about their feminine secrets to save their marriages and enrich their lives.

Without telling my boyfriend of two years, I am going to use this book as intended in the 1960’s-1970’s and complete each assignment. I will post each with a summary of the section of the book I am working on with his reactions to my newly found feminine ways.

Wish me luck.

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